johannes wärn / games

I used to build games. I rarely do now. Here are some of the ones I built. I find it a bit hard to relate to some of them now.

Vemdle (Swedish). Once a day guessing game. Like Wordle, but for celebrities.

Bend. Really weird platformer. I know at least one person other than me has beaten it.

Bombermoji. Bomberman clone. With emoji.

Squared: A cleaning simulator. Essentially Threes! with colours. Changes the game quite a bit, tough.

Dispute. A two player turn based puzzle game. Think Candy Crush meets Letterpress.

Att vattna blommor mitt i natten. Birthday present. Based on a song by Andreas Gustafsson.

I was gonna make 100 games, black & white, 64 pixels wide, 48 pixels high.

2✕128 is a two player version of 2014 (in turn a clone of the wonderful Threes!).

Charlie Likes Strawberries – it’s about Charlie, who likes strawberries. It involves gravity and portals.

Höst. A game based on Swidish poem written by a friend, Madeleine Blomqvist.

Lazors. Untangle lasers. 30 levels. HTML5.

Shapes n’ Colours. Match colours, or shapes. Doesn’t matter. Up to you.

A Love Story. One of my own favourites.

Drull my first real game.

Pushzor! It’s nothing special, made in less than a day. Still being played by someone in France.

Pi-R Action. Made for the Wii’s web browser.

ZWADEX – a control scheme for real gamers.

It’s Humplicated. Well, yeah.

Liao. Shot stuff. Or rather circles. Circles everywhere.